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This is the story of 3 sisters who, long time ago, left their beloved Sardegna island to move to a city which names one of the most beautiful and exclusive places of Europe: Como Lake

Together with their dreams as young women,  they brought the huge passion for the traditional Sardinian cuisine, being able to reach the goal of being loyal to the spirit of that cuisine even being hundreds of kilometers away. 

The tastes, flavors, perfumes and even the atmosphere: each single element will drag you into an emotional journey throughout the different aspects of the Italian cuisine. 

If beside this you add the magic of a unique location in the world , for its history and for its architecture richness, you will get as a result a restaurant that before being such, it’s a place where you will feel good, with yourself and the others surrounding you. Just that simple. 

It’s not by chance that La COLOMBETTA represents a referral point for so many people, who, year after year, come always back from all corners of the world 

Among them we can find famous movie actors of all times, international singers, Nobel price winners in different categories, scientists , together with royals and head of states, together with the main names in the financial and business worlds  .

In simply words, la COLOMBETTA is an authentic jewel with the frame of the magnificent como lake where, together with the taste of the specialities of the Italian traditional food, you will live from within the experience of a place that you will immediately feel you belong to.